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T'ai Chi Chih Mission Statement:

The International T'ai Chi Chih Community of students and accredited teachers is dedicated to the personal practice of T'ai Chi Chih, and to sharing with the world this form of moving meditation - and its benefits, affecting body, mind and spirit.

T'ai Chi Chih Community Vision Statement:

How we see ourselves in 5 years:

We, the T’ai Chi Chih Community, are an ever-expanding, unified yet diverse group of teachers and practitioners who exemplify serenity, joy and vitality.  There are active teaching communities throughout the US, Canada and around the world, with great variety in ethnicity, gender & age.
We are dedicated to practicing, teaching and promoting T’ai Chi Chih as originated by Justin Stone, so that it contributes to holistically revolutionizing healthcare and is a positive influence on humanity.


How the world sees us in 5 years:  

The T’ai Chi Chih Community is universally recognized and accepted as offering an effective, user-friendly, holistic practice for enhancing health of body, mind & spirit.
We are seen as a thriving, welcoming Community that attracts people of diverse ages, gender and ethnicity.  By embracing new technologies, we have accredited teachers and other resources readily available worldwide to meet the growing demand for information and instruction in the beneficial practice of T’ai Chi Chih.

Vision Statement presented to the T'ai Chi Chih Community on August 4th at the 2013 International Teachers Conference.

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